“When we evaluate the true meaning of life, one thing stands out: it is about us, but it’s not about us. Life not being about us is fueled by a fundamental purpose that is greater than ourselves. However, in order for us to effectively execute that purpose, we must first make the decision to get out of our own way and push ourselves towards spiritual, mental and emotional growth. For some of us reading this, we are equivalent to the man on the cover of this book. At this very moment, you may be standing in front of a mountain-sized circumstance. For many, the tallest obstacle we will face is the mountain of self; filled with steep, sloping sides of emotion and sharp or rounded ridges of our life experiences.

If you find yourself imprisoned behind the shackles of doubt, fear, confusion, pain and anger, then this letter is for you. Despite those struggles, freedom has been made available to you by way of God’s grace. Founded on the principle of unconditional love, grace is your pathway to pursuing the reason for which you were created.

In order for us to successfully come to that understanding, our priority must be to reconcile with our Creator. We are delighted to spend this time with you and can’t be more excited for what is about to happen in your life. The fact that you are reading this is no mere coincidence, but a divine appointment. Enter through the gates of grace and accept your position as an instrument of righteousness. Together, we will climb life’s mountains and reach the pinnacle of our destiny.” – James Oyola

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