“I have to be honest. When I first picked up this book and after only reading the first few pages, I quickly put it down because I was not ready for the powerful message of deliverance contained within its pages. But after doing some soul searching of my own, and still feeling lost, I was drawn to it again and picked it up with a heavy heart and open mind and I must testify. This book is helping to guide me back on a path that I strayed away from many years ago when I became came “too intelligent” for my own good. The beautiful, honest and simple truths contained with the pages are awe inspiring. I want to thank the author and my friend James Oyola for being the vessel that transmitted this message. I know he gives all credit to God but he really deserves some kudos for putting his words to paper. I want to thank you James as your letter is helping me, as I am sure it has helped many others. Peace and Blessings my brother.”

– Daniel Class

– Enitan ‘Bereolaesque’ Bereola, best-selling author of “Gentlewoman: Etiquette for a Lady, From a Gentleman”

“Support this brother, James Oyola’s new powerful book. It’s a necessary message for the times that I believe will resonate with you on every level!”

“Get out of your own way” is a must read for everyone. Its genuine, raw testimonials, along with scriptural, and spiritual guidance, is on point for those who have lived a life questioning their purpose and why. It’s a relevant read that captures the identity of one’s own experiences. Author James Oyola’s spirit led book speaks of Gods purpose, direction, healing, forgiveness, and truth. In addition, “Get out of your own way” is immersed with encouragement and has breathed life into many readers. It’s an amazing book to own and a wonderful gift to give.”

– Amazon Customer

– Belinda Joseph

“Sometimes in life we fall into a rut and can’t seem to get out of this funky mood we’re in. We feel like the walls are closing in and everything is beyond our control. We’re frustrated and we can’t seem to find what purpose we serve here on earth. “Get Out Of Your Own Way” is an incredible book written like a conversation with your wise, older brother and not a disappointing lecture from your parents. It helped me declutter my mind and focus on what’s important. “Life is about us, but it’s not about us.”

“Awesome book! I can tell the author really took his time with this book. I love that anyone can relate to this book, I think everyone has gotten “in their own way” at one point in their lives. So glad I purchased it!”

– Maydelin Moreno

– DJ Mullings

“This book could not have come at a better time! I was at a point of my life where I was making decisions without God. “Get Out of Your Own Way” taught me to literally let go and let God. I’ve learned to trust God instead of trying to do it all on my own. I truly appreciate Oyola’s honesty about his own journey as well.”

“As I read the intro and 1st chapter I felt myself nodding my head yes and saying…”I know!!! That is soo true.” I was able to relate to a lot and most importantly hear/recognize the message that God has in it. It has reinforced my faith and belief that God has a purpose for me. This is just my reaction to the intro and 1st chapter, so I can only imagine how the rest of the book is going to be and what it is going to do for everyone else. James has a gift from God. I am in no way perfect and still trying to better myself and become stronger in Christ. He is still working on me. The parts I have read from James’ book have inspired me and again have reconfirmed that God has a purpose for me. I do believe that I was created with a purpose and I want to learn more about it! The way James writes is so captivating. The quotes he use’s and the stories he adds truly help the reader understand the message he is giving and that the message is from God! This is going to be an amazing book and will touch so many lives as it has touched mine!”

– Charles Douglas

– Heather Kay

“I love how James tells some of his own story and uses scripture support some the fact that we all will face some trials in life. It makes it very easy for anyone to relate. I think the way it was written can really get a non-believer or someone with a hard time accepting Christ to really open up to Him. I’m loving it so far. It is definitely inspiring and it feels like James is having a conversation with me. James delivers the message in a way where the reader does not feel like they are being told how to live. It genuinely feels like we can relate to each other!”